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ساخت چند جدول خودکار در یک ورد

عنوان های جدول های دوم به بعد را انتخاب کنید و ALT+SHIFT+O را بزنید. در پنجره باز شده در قسمت Table of Contents Entry را a انتخاب کنید. این کار را برای عنوان های بعدی نیز انجام می دهیم بدون بستن پنجره ی باز شده در مرحله قبلی.
بعد از انتخاب تمام عنوان های فهرست و انجام عملیات بالا بر روی هر یک از آن ها پنجره باز شده را بسته و به اول ورد بروید.
اشاره گر را در مکانی که می خواهید جدول دوم را درج کنید قرار دهید و ALT+F9 را فضار دهید سپس  CRTL+F9 را فشار دهید
عبارت زیر را تایپ کنید
{TOC \f A}

سپس به ترتیب F9 و  ALT+F9 را فشار دهید

متن انگلیسی این راهنما برای درک بهتر مسئله در ادامه مطلب آورده شده است.


Step 1: Mark the text

First you will mark the text that will be included in the second TOC and use "A" as the table identifier.

1.       In the TOC, hold down CTRL and click "Moon" to go to the heading in the body of the document.

2.       In the body of the document, select the heading text "Moon" and then press ALT+SHIFT+O.

3.       In the Mark Table of Contents Entry dialog box, select A in the Table identifier box. Leave this entry at level 1 for this second TOC.

Note Don't worry about changing the "Moon" heading style in the body of the document. The level 1 that you are designating here is the hierarchical level in the second TOC.

4.       Click Mark but do not close the dialog box.

5.       Scroll down the document to page 4 and select Phobos.

6.       Click in the dialog box, then click Mark.

7.       Click Close in the dialog box.

Step 2: Create a second TOC

1.       Press CTRL+HOME to return to the start of the document.

2.       Position the cursor on the second blank line under the existing TOC. It is essential to separate the two TOCs with a blank line.

3.       Press ALT+F9 to see the field code of the existing TOC. The blank line from step 2 may disappear. Don't worry, the blank line is still there; you just won't be able to see it after you press ALT+F9. As long as the two field codes are on separate lines everything will be fine.

4.       Press CRTL+F9 to insert a blank field, which is just the set of curly brackets ({ }) with nothing inside. You're going to create this TOC without the help of the Table of Contents dialog box.

Note You must press CRTL+F9 to create the blank field. Using the keyboard to type the curly brackets will not create a field.

5.       Between the curly brackets, type TOC \f A to tell Word to collect the TC fields marked with the table identifier A. Your field will look like this:

{TOC \f A}

6.       Make sure the cursor is inside the curly brackets and press F9 to update the new TOC. If prompted, remember to update the entire table.

If the TOC does not show up after you press F9, make sure you are inside the curly brackets and press F9 again. You can also try pressing ALT+F9 to display the field results.

There they are, two TOCs. The second TOC contains two headings from different parts of the document.

You can use this method to create many TOCs in a document, — just use a different table identifier for each set of entries and TOC.

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